Welcome to the Eastern Rockingham Digital Network!

ERDN is a free and vendor agnostic digital voice network for Radio Amateurs.

ERDN provides digital voice networking for Amateur Radio operators that is free (as in beer) and is vendor agnostic. Have a D-Star radio, and want to talk to someone with a Fusion radio? What if you only have an analog radio? Or, no radio at all? That’s where ERDN fits in. ERDN has the capabilities to link existing analog and digital systems together and provide good voice quality while doing so. Here’s how to do it:

  • D-Star - Connect your hotspot to XRF337 C
  • Fusion - Connect your hotspot to US ERDN (YSF 12567)
  • DMR - Connect your hotspot to Brandmeister and use Talkgroup 3122790
  • Echolink - Connect your Echolink to KC1AWV-L
  • AllstarLink - Connect your AllstarLink node to 46550
  • Local RF - Tune your radio to 145.550 MHz, PL 88.5 (Newmarket, NH)
  • In the future:
    • P25 Support
    • NXDN Support
    • DISA (telephone dial-in)
    • SIP / IAX Clients

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