Pi-Star Hotspot Initial Setup

First, click on Configuration

Next, click on Update

Then, wait for the update to finish. The text displayed on your screen may be different. The important part is to wait until you see the word Finished on the terminal screen

Now, go back to the Configuration screen

Under General Configuration, set the following:

  • Hostname: You can leave this as pi-star, or change to something else
  • Node Callsign: Set this to your callsign
  • CCS7/DMR ID: If you have a DMR ID, set to your ID
  • Radio Frequency: Set this to a simplex frequency. Use the NESMC Bandplan as a guide
  • Latitude: Set this to your latitude
  • Longitude: Set this to your longitude
  • Town: Set this to your QTH (Town, Locator)
  • Country: Set this to your Country
  • URL: You can change this to your QRZ page, or another website if you wish
  • Radio/Modem Type: Set this to the correct modem type you are using
  • Node Type: Set to Private if this is a hotspot for your own use, or Public if shared
  • APRS Host: Set this to your closest APRS-IS host, or rotate.aprs2.net
  • System Time Zone: Set this to your local time zone
  • Dashboard Language: Set this to your preferred language

Click on the Apply Changes button. Pi-Star will update your configuration in the background and then reload the Configuration screen

You may now move onto setting up for:

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